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Singing from the Satellite

Posted on April 14, 2012
I had a great time last night at the Satellite Coffee gig last night. What a great crowd! Thanks to everyone who came out.
Danny Snow is the host of Satellite's "Live in the Living Room" concert series. Not only was he the perfect M.C., but he was also the sound man, recording engineer, front of house manager, and lighting. He does it all. And, the "LITLR" series was his idea from the start. It's amazing how one person's idea can not only create a wonderful evening for so many people but could potentially help ABQ's untapped wealth of great musical acts.
They had me set up on a kind of raised platform built into the wall. I was a little scared that it might collapse. I mean, every performer wants to bring the house down and all, but c'mon...
Anyways, the stage held and everthing went great. The whole incident was recorded and will be podcasted soon. I'll be sure everone gets the word when it's available.
See ya',

“What kind of music do you play?”
I get that a lot.  It’s a legitimate question.  But, one I still have trouble answering.
Everyone likes to say “I like all kinds of music,” but we don’t necessarily, do we?  In high school, your clique affiliation could be determined by your musical preference.  Stomps, Rockers, Freakers, Punks, and the most dangerous social sub sect of all…New Wavers (that’s what they were called before the term Goth was invented).
When I’m talking to someone new on a plane, at a friend’s party, or at an underground fight club in an abandoned warehouse, I fumble for words to describe my music.
“Well-it’s kinda like a folk sort of thing ‘cause I play acoustic guitar in coffeehouses, but there’s a lot of rock’n’roll and country influences, too.  Plus, when it rains, my guitar goes out of tune so I go off into a dissonant, cacophonous style.”
This [...]
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Annual Blog Entry

Posted on April 13, 2011
Hey Everybody.
Okay.  My last blog entry was over a year ago.  That's sad.  But, on the other hand, it seems like apologizing for not blogging is kind of the cool thing to do these days.  So, I blame perpetual coolness.  Also, I've been a little busy with life.  In a six month period, I got married, got a dog, and got a house.   
So, you'd think I'd have a lot to blog about.  Well, I got romantic songs to cover my illicit love affair and subsequent marriage.  I don't want to blog about my dog because there's nothing worse than someone with no children constantly talking about their canine's habits and diet.  And, I can't blog about my cool new rock star pad, because there is nothing rock'n'roll about sprinkler heads and accent walls.
Can you understand my conundrum?
According to all the big star blogs I read, you're supposed to tell the people what books you've read, what movies you've seen, what you think of Charlie [...]
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The Misunderstood Masterpiece

Posted on March 14, 2010
First, I would like to thank everyone that came out to my show last week at Saxby’s!  You guys are great. 
I hope you had a good time.
Second, I must acknowledge Hayley from Salt Lake City.  She won the ‘reply' contest.  She was the fifth
person to respond to last week's BINGO Recordings Newsletter.  Consequently, this post is dedicated to
Now, what I am about to say here will cause some waves.  Some people are going to be incensed.  I am
fully prepared for a wild eyed, torch bearing mob to come after me.  Nonetheless, I must do what I think is
right.  I must speak up for some of us that just do not go with the status quo.
Are you ready?  Got your hounds on the leash and your pitch forks ready?
I am just going to say it.
Grease 2 is superior to Grease 1.
There.  I said it.
Okay now.  Everyone take a breath.  I shall back up my statement.
I am not saying either film is better [...]
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Hi everybody.
I love Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens.  I've always loved 50's rock'n'roll anyway.  But, when I was a teenager, the movie La Bamba came out.  I've heard that it did not get a wide release around the country.  But, it was in theaters in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
It is still one of my personal favorites.  Esai Morales is great in it.  (Morales is a criminally underated actor.)  For me and some of my friends, it was cultural/spiritual/rock'n'roll awakening.  And, Los Lobos put out a great soundtrack.  Dialogue from the movie became part of my permanent vocabulary.
After watching the movie, I walked right in to a music store next to the theater and picked up some Eddie Cochran, some Ritchie Valens, and some Buddy Holly.
So, every February, I try to slip some Buddy and Ritchie songs into my shows.  My own little tribute to the Day the Music Died if you will.
So, I had this gig booked and had practiced my 'Peggy Sue.'  My guitar [...]
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