LyricsMorning sun shines through the curtain. Cold chill in the air.Sheets torn down, pillows on the floor. I reach over and you’re not there. Pull on my jeans, head for the kitchen. Feet squeak on these wooden floors. My Levi shirt wrapped all around you. Coffee’s made, you lean against the door. And you smileGood morning kissI love to hear you laughing out loud. I could live every day,every day like this. Desert moon shines on the highway. Desert road neither there nor here. Just you and me, Ella, and Louie. I reach over and shift the gears. I pull over. Just one kiss. The stars are shining bright. I could live every night,every night like this. Everyone says you got to map out a future. Everyone says if love don’t grow it’ll end. Everyone’s dancing like the song’s almost over,I got a pocket full of quarters I say let it begin again. Jukebox plays in an empty diner. Our booth is waiting for us tonight. You call in sick, I’ll get fired. We leave now, we can make it by morning light. For just one smileFor just one kissI love to hear you laughing out loud. I could live every day,every day like this


The Story"I used to visit my girlfriend in Connecticut. As a matter of fact, I lived there briefly. There was this 24 hour diner that was probably built in the '40's. It had like six booths, maybe ten stools at the counter, and this jukebox with a really strange assortment of selections. I swear the place must have had the original paint and linoleum. It was a real greasy spoon that seemed to attract everyone from factory workers to college kids. I felt like I was something in between having been both. I really felt at home sitting there at 2 am with that special someone talking late night philosophy, drinking gallons of bad coffee, and listening to old country songs."-Jason Riggs, 2006.