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Jason Riggs: Photos

Holiday Memories
Coffee and harmonica.
Harmonica solo during "Party Girl" from Saxby's Coffee in Albuquerque on 12/22/08.
The poster for the Women's Resource Center Benefit.
Publicity photo for "These Wheels" circa 1998.  Photo cred:  dhs Photographic
"he screams into the mic..."photo by Blane Privett
"after the gig"
Publicity photo for Pawn Shop Special
Taken in the alley behind one of Jason's favorite bars in Albuquerque by Laurie Pals.
"standing infront of Local Music, SLC UT"
The cover of Jason's first album.  The photo was actually a picture of Jason leaning up against an infamous downtown Albuquerque diner window.  But, Uncle Bingo preferred Jase's eerie, shadowy reflection instead.  He's weird like that.  Photo: Laurie Pals
A close up look of the cover for Jason's second record.  Note Jason's eerie, shadowy reflection on the storefront window.  Weird artistic messsage?  Random coincidence?  You be the judge.