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Jason Riggs: News

BINGO Recordings out of Hibernation - February 25, 2006

"Hi'ya Kids! Uncle Bingo here. It's been a long winter, but we're crawling out of our cave and doing some spring cleaning. We've added a new photo in the photo gallery with more to come. Also, we'll be announcing some new shows soon. Stay tuned!"

Two dates for December! - December 1, 2005

Jason will be performing this Saturday night in Logan, UT at Caffe Ibis and the following Friday at Mocca Espress in Sandy, UT. Expect Jason to be in some festive Holiday spirits as he sings of getting dumped, getting laid off from the plant, and having dreams crushed.

Tonight at Caffe Ibis - November 5, 2005

Jason is in Logan, Utah tonight at the getting-pretty-famous-after-that-article-in-Newseek Caffe Ibis. No special guests rolling with Jase tonight, just the dude himself.

In semi-Riggs related news...

Riggs' ally and pal Jason Bennett has a new record out. Bennett is a great singer/songwriter whom Riggs has known since his Colorado days.

The album is called "Acoustic Harbor" and we at BINGO Recordings think it's fantastic. Uncle Bingo was even trying to find a way to steal Bennett from his label, Eleven Mile Records, but decided one Jason was one too many on anyone's roster.

The music is stark and austere like an old fashioned folk album. It was recorded old school style in an empty laundry room on an old four track analog recorder. It's just one guy, a guitar, and some great songs. It's cool and haunting at the same time!

Check'em out at...

Red Cross Promotion Ends. - October 26, 2005

The CDBaby Katrina Relief Promotion is now over.
Thank you to everyone who purchased one of Jason's CD's during the last two months.

It was announced by CDBaby founder Derek Sivers that $165,060 was raised by hundreds of indie artists like Jason who donated sales of CD's to Katrina Relief.

In addition, CDbaby donated an additional $40,000. That means a total of $205,060 was donated to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund thru the Portland, OR branch.

Derek says "you should have seen their faces when we brought in that very first check."

Jason and BINGO Recordings are proud to be a small part of it.

Special guest at Mocca Espress show - October 10, 2005

After a great night at the IAMA Local Concert Series, Jason will be performing at Mocca Espress Friday, Oct. 14 at 7:30.
Jason had a wonderful time with some of Utah's best singer/songwriters, and he thanks the IAMA for their hospitality.

Two things to note about this next show on Oct., Jason loves this intimate venue with it's romantic view of the valley, and two, singer/songwriter Nathan Bang will be playing an opening set for Jase with his smoldering acoustic tunes. Take a peek into the world of Nathan at

"...on the cover over of a magazine" - October 4, 2005

Jason is one of four artists on the cover of the October issue of Intermountain Acoustic Musician. If you live in the Salt Lake City area, you can pick up a free copy wherever cool, hip alternative periodicals are found.
Why is Riggs on the cover? Jason is playing the Intermountain Acoustic Musican Association Local Concert Series on October 7th at 7:30pm.

The concert will be held at South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society
6876 S. Highland Dr in Salt Lake City, Utah. Jason will be joining Juliana Weiser, Mark Doherty, and Sabra Richardson for a "Songwriters in the Round" showcase.

Also, if you buy one of Jason's CD's online, all proceeds will be given to the Red Cross Disaster Releif Fund. Originally, we were only doing this for the month of September. But, we will continue through October as the need is still great.

Donate to Red Cross by buying Jason's CD's - August 31, 2005

For the month of September, if you purchase one of Jason's two CD's online, the proceeds will go to the American Red Cross disaster relief fund to help Hurricane Victims.

Just click the icon above.

Jason's CD's are sold through online retailer CDBaby. They are a great company that cares not just about independent artists like Jase, but the greater community as a whole.

Already, hundreds of indie artists on CDBaby are donating all their proceeds to the Red Cross. If only one hundred CD's were sold, that would still be a donation of atleast $1,000 to help those in dire need.

If you were considering purchasing one of Jason's albums or any other indie artist, now is the time. You get great music and it will help others. Just click on the album covers above.

Jason will play the Avenues Street Fair - August 26, 2005

Jason has been asked to perform this years Avenues Street Fair in Salt Lake City, Utah on Sept. 10th.

The Street Fair happens every year and features live music, art, food, and those cool little booths where you can get henna artwork done

Jason will be opening the fair at 10am on the West Stage for a 45 minute set.

Jase sits in with Charmed - August 21, 2005

Riggs sat in with the duo Charmed at one of their recent shows at the Flying Star Cafe in Albuquerque, NM.

Charmed features Alicia Ultan on vocals, viola and guitar, and Bambi Jackson on vocals, keyboards and guitar. Those who are posessed of hipness will note that Alicia added her graceful viola to two Riggs tracks on his last album Pawn Shop Special ("Too Good to be Real" and "Almost Home"), hence the connection.

It seems Jase was just in the crowd sipping coffee when Alicia called him to the stage. The 'Charmed trio' then performed an impromptu version of Riggs' song "Everyday Like This" with Jackson on piano and Ultan adding viola.

Charmed has an outstanding debut album out now called "Beatifully Twisted" that shows off their folky/celtic/new age sound

Get 'Charmed' yourself by going to

Review of 10/12/04 Pueblo, CO Show - June 20, 2005

As previously mentioned, Jason played a show at Pueblo's famed Irish Pub in October of last year. The show was the Pueblo Songwriters & Musicians Association's monthly Acoustic Gallery Showcase. A fabulous review of the performance is avalable for your reading pleasure by just clicking on the Press/Reviews link to the right. It contains that magical bit of advice..."I would suggest seeing Jason Riggs in concert..."

If you're in the Utah area, your chance to follow that sage like wisdom would be this Saturday night as Jase performs at Cafe DaVinci in West Jordan!

Great Review of "Everyday Like This" - June 16, 2005

There was a review of the song "Everyday Like This" in the January issue of the Pueblo Songwriters and Musicians Association January Newsletter. Some of you may recall that Jason was their October 2004 Artist of the Month perfoming at a showcase in Pueblo Colorado.

We actually have a recording of this performance so be on the lookout for some live cuts soon!

Jason performs this Friday at Mocca Espress in Sandy, UT.

Check out the Press link to read the song review.

Check out the Music link to hear the song "Everyday Like This."

Check out Jason at Mocca Espress.

Happy Birthday Bob Dylan - May 25, 2005

Jason Riggs and BINGO Recordings would like to acknowledge Mr. Dylan's 64th birthday on May 24 and wish the man who made it cool to wear a harmonica rack all the best.

Jase returns to Sandy, UT - May 20, 2005

Jason will be playing Mocca Espress this Saturday with singer/songwriter Nathan Bang opening the show. Next stop, Logan, Utah. See the calendar for more details.

Fan Review of Riggs' surprise hometown show! - May 10, 2005

If you have never heard Jason perform before, you must, absolutely MUST see him live. It's one of those shows where you will laugh, smile for no apparent reason, tap your foot without knowing it, and be completely absorbed in the amazing music and lyrics.

For those of you who have not purchased "Pawn Shop Special" yet, let me tell you that Jason just keeps getting better and better. Every song is amazing. You will find a few that you wonder "How did he read my mind about that?" and other songs where you just start singing along without knowing it until the song is done.

"This Machine" is a great first track that hooks you and makes you want to listen to the next, just to find out what's next! My personal all time fave, "Drive Away" which I heard live a while back and am thankful it's now on CD so I can just hit repeat!

Jason is one of those rare artists who is an unknown gem who constantly surprises you and whose music takes hold of you and won't let you go. You definitely want to catch his show - just so you can say, "I saw him when he began, and he was great then too!"

Congrats, Jason, on a wonderful second album and for a terrific performance in Alb. We hope to see you again soon!

-submitted by Jennifer K.

Back in Albuquerque for a suprise show!!! - April 27, 2005

Every now and then, we get an email here at BINGO Recordings Corporate HQ angrily dissing Uncle Bingo for not having Jason play any shows in his hometown. Well, let it not be said that we do not respond to the angry disrespect of New Mexican fans. (Plus, we used up all the red chili in the freezer here in our Utah offices.) Jason will play Iryshmac's Coffeehouse on May 6 at 8:00pm. Check out the calendar for more details.

Riggs will be joined by Nathan Bang - April 26, 2005

Jason's performance at Mocca Espress in Sandy, UT on May 21st will be acoustic, if not entirely alone. Jason will be joined by Utah born, Hawaii reared artist Nathan Bang. Nathan will be opening the show with a short set of his mood-inspiring music. Bang's laconic tone jives perfectly with Jason's style. As if seeing Riggs by himself wasn't enough, Uncle Bingo throws in some extra value for your acoustic rock'n'roll folk show pleasure. Check out for an aural time online!

Riggs plays for 'Take Back the Night' - April 20, 2005

On April 14, Jason took part in and performed at the "Take Back the Night" at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. The event was a rally and march to increase awareness of sexual violence towards women and inspire change. Utah was recently ranked 14th hightest rate of sexual assualt in the nation. Jason performed a new song entitled "Trembling." The song is from the point of view of boyfriend of a sexual assault survivor.

"I hope there's music in your world." - April 10, 2005

We got your tunes right here!

You can now listen to or download for free a sample of music from Jason's two albums "Pawn Shop Special" and "These Wheels." Just click on the "music" link and we'll do the rest.

You can choose a broad band format, a dial-up format, or just dowload it and share some copies with your friends. The latter wont last forever.

Uncle Bingo, owner and president of BINGO Recordings, is a shrewd capitalist. He'll be charging for downloads pretty soon. But, we convinced him to give it up to the fans for a while. So rip and burn all you want!

But, remember, there's no substitute for seeing the live show! Catch Riggs next at:

April 30, 7pm
Caffe Ibis
Logan, UT

Latest back online!!! - April 8, 2005

Yes, yes. We're back baby! And this time it's personal. We have finally updated. We thank everyone who has been visiting the site only to be disapointed by old info.

We've got a brand new photo gallery with some cool new pics. We'll be adding some more in the next few weeks, so keep checking back! Also, there will be some new articles posted very soon in the press section. And, as if that aint enough, we'll have free music clips real soon. Till, then just click above. You can hear some tunes there!

Just to catch everyone up....Jason's latest record "Pawn Shop Special" is out and available for purchase. Just click above! Already own a copy? Click on the link anyway and write a review!

Jason will be performing quite a bit later in the spring and summer. We'll be giving you the details here, plus lots of cool, exciting stuff to check out. Stay tuned!

Next show:
April 30, 7pm
Caffe Ibis
Logan, UT
Check the Calendar for more info.
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