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Jason Riggs: Links

Finally, Bingo Recordings has put Jason on myspace. Finally, after after all your friends and your grandmother have a myspace page, Jason gets on the bus! But, does your grandma have Jason tunes blasting? No she doesn't, does she?!?
A pal and namesake of Jason Riggs. His songs feel like a nice, cool breeze on a July evening when you're sittin' on the cabin porch. Check 'em out!
The official website for singer/songwriter Ileana. She's Jason's homegirl from Albuquerque. A 'Superordinary girl' with the voice of an angel. Ileana's songs will make you regret breaking up with that special someone when you were young and stupid! Pick up her live disc, "Playing Solo!" or her brand new, amazing release "Super Ordinary Girl" or get both!

Roger Jameson and Jason Riggs go back a long, long way. Back to 2nd grade. If you dig Jason's stuff, odds are you'll love Roger's music.
A new acoustic formation out of Denver, CO. Their singer, Kate, played some instruments on Pawn Shop, and their guitarist Dave once showed Jason how to play a wicked lick in A minor!
Here's the official site for the absolutely Charming duo known as...Charmed! Charmed features Alicia Ultan on vocals, viola and guitar, and Bambi Jackson on vocals, keyboards and guitar. They play their own brand of what they like to call "twisted folk." Grab their great debut, "Beautifully Twisted." If you dug Alicia Ultan's viola on Jason's album "Pawn Shop Special," you can get more of it with Charmed!
You love folk music? You love coffee? Check out Coffeehouse Tour, they're bringing back to the forefront the ambiance of the 60's era acoustic Coffee House Music. Yes, it's still around..but it doesn't get the attention it deserves. They're 'bout to change all that :)