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Jason Riggs: Blog

Singing from the Satellite

Posted on April 14, 2012

I had a great time last night at the Satellite Coffee gig last night. What a great crowd! Thanks to everyone who came out.

Danny Snow is the host of Satellite's "Live in the Living Room" concert series. Not only was he the perfect M.C., but he was also the sound man, recording engineer, front of house manager, and lighting. He does it all. And, the "LITLR" series was his idea from the start. It's amazing how one person's idea can not only create a wonderful evening for so many people but could potentially help ABQ's untapped wealth of great musical acts.

They had me set up on a kind of raised platform built into the wall. I was a little scared that it might collapse. I mean, every performer wants to bring the house down and all, but c'mon...

Anyways, the stage held and everthing went great. The whole incident was recorded and will be podcasted soon. I'll be sure everone gets the word when it's available.

See ya',